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About the Book:

2013-14 Great Michigan Read: Annie’s Ghosts

Annie’s Ghosts
is part memoir, part detective story, and part history. Employing his skills as a journalist while struggling to maintain his empathy as a son, author Steve Luxenberg pieces together the story of his mother’s motivations, his aunt’s unknown life, and the times in which they lived. His search takes him to imperial Russia and Depression-era Detroit, through the Holocaust in Ukraine and the Philippine war zone, and back to the hospitals where Annie and many others languished in anonymity. Annie’s Ghosts was a Washington Post Best Book of 2009 and a Michigan Notable Book in 2010.

About the Author:

Steve Luxenberg,
a Washington Post associate editor, has worked for 38 years as a newspaper editor and reporter. Post reporters working with him have won two Pulitzer Prizes for explanatory journalism. Luxenberg grew up in Detroit, where Annie’s Ghosts primarily takes place. He attended Detroit public schools, including Henry Ford High School. He and his wife, Mary Jo Kirschman, a former school librarian, live in Baltimore. They have two adult children.

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