Books on CD

Books are available on CD. The CDs can be used with free software which will read the books aloud and show the text on a computer screen.

Procedures for using books on CD

  1. Students must have documentation of their disability and the need for this accommodation.
  2. Students must meet with Denise Schell, the Equal Access Counselor, and submit a list of all the textbooks (including author, publisher and edition) that they will need for the coming semester.
  3. Students must purchase their books early and bring them to the Career and Transfer Center to be scanned onto a CD. This should be done as early as possible and no later then one week before classes begin.
  4. Books will be returned to students in a binder, after scanning. Students will also be given access to free software which will read and display the books on their home computer or any other computer they use. (When using a computer on campus, you must use your own head phones.)
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