Library Hours

Bradner Library (Livonia Location)

Day Fall Semester
(hours start 9/3/13)
Winter Semester
(hours start 1/6/14)
Monday 7:30am- 9pm 7:30am- 9:00pm
Tuesday 7:30am- 9pm 7:30am- 9:00pm
Wednesday 7:30am- 9pm 7:30am- 9:00pm
Thursday 7:30am- 9pm 7:30am- 9:00pm
Friday 7:30am- 4pm 7:30am- 4:00pm
Saturday 12pm-5pm 12pm- 5:00pm
Sunday 12pm-5pm 12pm- 5:00pm


  • Open February 24-February 28: 8:00am- 4:00pm (Spring Break week)
  • Closed Saturday, March 1 and Sunday, March 2
  • Closed Sunday, April, 20 (Easter)

Radcliff Library (Radcliff Location)

Day Fall Semester 
(hours start 9/3/13)
Winter Semester
(hours start 1/6/14) 
Monday  8:30am-8:00pm  8:30am-8:00pm
Tuesday  8:30am-8:00pm  8:30am-8:00pm
Wednesday  8:30am-8:00pm  8:30am-8:00pm
Thursday  8:30am-8:00pm  8:30am-8:00pm
Friday  9:00am-1:00pm  9:00am-1:00pm
Saturday  Closed  Closed
Sunday  Closed  Closed


  • Winter Break Hours
    • Monday, February 24-Thursday, February 27: 9am-2pm
    • Friday, February 28-Sunday, March 2Closed

Succeed with our Learning Support Services

Livonia Staff

Maureen Simari
Librarian - Technical Services
(734) 462- 4400  x5319

Diane Nesbit
Librarian - Technical Services
(734) 462- 4400  x5319

Wayne Pricer
Librarian - Reference & Interlibrary Loan
(734) 462-4400 x5317

Kim Fournier
Learning Resources Assistant
(734) 462-4400 x5322

Vicki Dixon
(734) 462-4400 x5344

Joseph Miller
(734) 462-4400 x5345

Kristin Keyes
(734) 462-4400 x5315

Micah Jelinek
(734) 462-4400 x5359

Graham Burrell
Librarian - Reference
(734) 462- 4400 x5316

Radcliff Staff

Sarolina Chang
Library Clerk
(734) 462-4400 x6022

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Bradner Library

Livonia, Bradner Library

Circulation Desk:
P: (734) 462-4440

Reference Desk: 
P: (734) 462-4440 x5316

Radcliff Library
Garden City Radcliff Center
P: (734) 462-4400 x6020

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