Program Level Assessment

Program level assessment measures the students’ performance of Program Outcomes. This measurement is assessed anonymously and is reported in aggregate.

Program Assessment at Schoolcraft College has been established through the identification of Program Outcomes for each associate degree and select certificates that are offered. The process of Program Assessment seeks to measure the level of student performance as related to each of the faculty-developed Program Outcomes and explores ways in which the performance can be improved. This level of assessment helps to meet the needs of our students, our goal of continuous improvement of curriculum, and is required by the Higher Learning Commission for continued accreditation.

Program Outcomes

Program Outcomes are the intended outcomes that identify what the student can DO after successful completion of a specific program. These skills are considered essential to performing effectively at a job within the specific industry. Program Assessment can be conducted through the use of capstone experiences, educational portfolios, major course projects, final exams or other ways that support the measurement of student learning.

The Office of Curriculum and Assessment (OCA) collaborates with department faculty as they analyze how students are learning and conduct their own Program Level Assessment on an ongoing basis. Each year, a different group of programs will carry out formal assessments of their Program Outcomes. Department Chairs and Department Representatives will collaborate with faculty in assessment activities, including processes, tools, reporting methods, and implementing improvements.

The OCA will work cooperatively to help guide faculty through the process of assessment. We can provide resources such as timelines, suggestions on process, identification of student data in Colleague, rubric development, feedback on data gathering tools, analysis of data, and logistical support. The OCA will help to facilitate formal activities and collect information on reporting and evaluation during each academic year, as well as offer support to faculty as they consider ways in which to improve student learning in their program.

It is through the strong dedication of our faculty and a clear identification of our outcomes that we can continue to develop high quality programs.

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