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  • Schoolcraft College believes that learning is a transformational process, best facilitated by the use of the best instructional philosophies and strategies.
  • As part of a larger continuous improvement initiative, the WIDS design system allows faculty and administrators to access tools that enable a deeper discussion of the performance-based learning model.
  • It also provides a platform upon which to build consistent and strategic planning of institutional, program, and course development and outcomes, as well as instructional design opportunities.
  • The WIDS system will augment the institution’s mission and goals in providing excellence in education for our student population as it aligns itself with the objectives of the Higher Learning Commission.
  • Foundations of WIDS: Learning, Teaching, and Learning Design Theories

Requesting WIDS for Your Home Computer

  1. Complete the Schoolcraft College Off-Campus Use of Copyrighted Software Agreement 
  2. Return the form to the Office of Curriculum and Assessment. We will make arrangements for you to access the software.

NOTE: This software is being provided on a temporary, or “loaner”, basis. This loan may be rescinded by the College at any time. Users will be bound by the terms of the license agreements and contracts pertaining to the software package(s) provided by the College.

Updating WIDS for Your Home Computer

After completing the request for WIDS on your home computer, you can follow steps to update your off-campus version of WIDS.

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WIDS Technical Support
P1: (608) 356-1719
P2: (800) 677-9437
F: (608) 849-2468

Mon-Fri, 8am-4:30pm
Flexible schedules or evenings available by appointment

Office of Curriculum & Assessment
McDowell Center, MC340
P: (734) 462-4419
F: (734) 462-4616

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