Culinary Arts

CAP 144


Course Description

This course explores the concepts of the different varieties of flour, the purpose and chemical reaction of other ingredients in yeast doughs and quick breads, the nutritional value of baked goods, how to use equipment for baking, proofing and fermentation of yeast products, the different mixing methods, how to increase standard recipes and costing out a recipe. In addition, students will develop hands on practical experience with bakery products by producing French breads, rolls, pan breads, rye breads, whole wheat breads, corn bread, Danish pastry, coffee cakes, muffins, biscuits, quick breads and cookies.


(A requirement that must be completed before taking this course.)

Course Competencies

Upon successful completion of the course, the student should be able to:

  • Demonstrate proper storage and handling procedures for bakery products.
  • Identify the various flour types.
  • Perform the 12 steps in the process of yeast dough production.
  • Explain the cooking purposes of different types of flour.
  • Identify the various classifications of baked yeast products.
  • Identify the various classifications of quick breads.
  • Identify the various classifications of cookies.
  • Identify the various classifications of laminated dough.
  • Identify the specialty tools and equipment for a baking operation.
  • Demonstrate the proper use of the specialty tools and equipment for a baking operation.
  • Identify the basic methodology for mixing and developing finished baked good products.
  • Interpret the functionality of bakery ingredients.
  • Demonstrate the basic mixing methods for finished baked good products.
  • Demonstrate proper mise en place for baked good items.
  • Demonstrate proper sanitation procedures for bakery items.
  • Prepare quick breads, yeast breads, cookies and laminated doughs.
  • Explore the nutritional aspect of bakery items.
  • Demonstrate yield conversions of bakery formulas.

Course Schedule

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CULINARY ARTS; No of Weeks : 5; Begins : 03/30/2015

 144113731Baking  4Gabriel J$150.006/16/0Open
W R 11:15AM-04:10PMVT635
F 06:00AM-10:50AMVT635

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