ENG 102

English Composition 2 (3-0) 3 Cr. Hrs.

Course Description

This course teaches students to conduct and integrate research and write the research paper. This process assists students in developing research and writing strategies to use in a variety of college and professional contexts.


(A requirement that must be completed before taking this course.)

  • ENG 101 with a minimum grade of 2.0 or minimum placement test score of 22 ACT or 108 CPT.

Course Competencies

Upon successful completion of the course, the student should be able to:

  • Write short and long papers using primary and secondary research.
  • Conduct dependable on-site, Internet and/or library research for college-level essays, papers or reports.
  • Evaluate researched sources for authority, credibility and relevance.
  • Employ different strategies of integrating research by way of summarizing, paraphrasing and quoting.
  • Construct accurate entries for bibliographies and Works Cited lists.
  • Demonstrate proper MLA or APA style in research papers.
  • Prepare different types of outlines.
  • Apply research strategies to appropriate writing situations.
  • Prepare a documented college-level research paper.

Course Schedule

        No of Weeks   Begins   
 CourseSectionCourse TitleModeCredit HoursInstructorsFeeSeats Available ⁄Capacity ⁄WaitlistStatusDays-Time-Room

Fall; 2016; ENGLISH; No of Weeks : 5; Begins : 10/03/2016

 102142321English Composition 2 Online3Harris M$12.0027/30/0Open
 102147853English Composition 2 Hybrid3Scott M$12.0025/25/0Open
T 06:00PM-10:24PMLA130

Fall; 2016; ENGLISH; No of Weeks : 7; Begins : 10/25/2016

 102142759English Composition 2 Online3Harris M$12.0024/30/0Open
 102142963English Composition 2 Online3Harris M$12.0025/30/0Open
 102142979English Composition 2 Online3Arnold J$12.0030/30/0Open
 102148610English Composition 2 3Harris M$22.0029/30/0Open
T R 09:30AM-12:40PMLA340

Fall; 2016; ENGLISH; No of Weeks : 12; Begins : 09/20/2016

 102141407English Composition 2 3Addi O$12.0025/30/0Open
T R 01:00PM-02:40PMLA400
 102141409English Composition 2 3Harden A$12.0024/30/0Open
T R 08:00AM-09:40AMLA465
 102141411English Composition 2 3Thomson A R$12.0024/30/0Open
T R 11:30AM-01:10PMLA465
 102141414English Composition 2 3Kallas J$12.0021/28/0Open
M W 02:00PM-03:40PMLA310
 102141416English Composition 2 3Munro J$12.0028/28/0Open
F 08:00AM-11:38AMLA310
 102142728English Composition 2 Online3Ditouras H$12.0029/30/0Open
 102142952English Composition 2 Online3Arnold J$12.0030/30/0Open
 102142991English Composition 2 Online3Ditouras H$12.0030/30/0Open

Fall; 2016; ENGLISH; No of Weeks : 15; Begins : 08/29/2016

 102047748English Composition 2 OE/OE3Schuett F$12.0028/31/0Open
 102047761English Composition 2 OE/OE3Schuett F$12.0030/31/0Open
 102141403English Composition 2 3Poswalk J$12.0019/30/0Open
T R 08:00AM-09:20AMLA460
 102141404English Composition 2 3Kallas J$12.0016/30/0Open
M W 10:00AM-11:20AMBTC100
 102141405English Composition 2 3Addi O$12.0023/30/0Open
T R 11:30AM-12:50PMLA410
 102141408English Composition 2 3Berg S$12.0023/28/0Open
M W 01:00PM-02:20PMLA300
 102141413English Composition 2 3Munro J$12.0029/30/0Open
M 10:00AM-12:54PMLA460
 102141417English Composition 2 3Ditouras H$12.0026/30/0Open
W 11:30AM-02:24PMLA470
 102141422English Composition 2 3Bell C$12.0028/30/0Open
T R 01:00PM-02:20PMLA410
 102141423English Composition 2 3Bell C$12.0029/30/0Open
M W 03:00PM-04:20PMLA465
 102141441English Composition 2 3Bell C$12.0024/28/0Open
T R 03:30PM-04:50PMLA310
 102141450English Composition 2 3Woods R$12.0023/28/0Open
M 05:30PM-08:24PMLA300
 102141451English Composition 2 3Bell C$12.0030/30/0Open
M W 06:00PM-07:20PMLA465
 102141454English Composition 2 3Fundukian L$12.0023/28/0Open
W 07:00PM-09:54PMLA300
 102142381English Composition 2 Online3Chaudhery S$12.0028/30/0Open
 102142906English Composition 2 Online3Arnold J$12.0029/30/0Open
 102142927English Composition 2 Online3Rybicka E$12.0020/30/0Open
 102142929English Composition 2 Online3Rybicka E$12.0024/30/0Open
 102142975English Composition 2 Online3Ditouras H$12.0027/30/0Open
 102148602English Composition 2 3Rybicka E$22.0012/30/0Open
M W 11:30AM-12:50PMLA340
 102148615English Composition 2 3Rose K$22.0030/30/0Open
R 01:00PM-03:54PMLA340
 102246247English Composition 2 3Rose K$12.0028/30/0Open
W 11:00AM-01:54PMRC685
 102246283English Composition 2 3Simmons-Short I$12.0030/30/0Open
W 06:00PM-08:54PMRC280
 102246287English Composition 2 3Rose K$12.0026/30/0Open
R 06:00PM-08:54PMRC280

Spring; 2016; ENGLISH; No of Weeks : 7; Begins : 05/09/2016

 102027724English Composition 2 OE/OE3Hays S$30.0017/31/0Open
 102121412English Composition 2 3Hunley E 0/28/1Closed
T R 09:00AM-12:10PMLA310
 102121415English Composition 2 3Sypniewski M 0/28/2Closed
T R 01:00PM-04:10PMLA310
 102121417English Composition 2 3Scott M 11/28/0Open
T R 08:30AM-11:40AMLA300
 102121419English Composition 2 3Woods R 14/28/0Open
M W 08:00AM-11:10AMLA310
 102121454English Composition 2 3Bell C 15/28/0Open
M W 06:00PM-09:10PMLA300
 102121455English Composition 2 3Bell C 14/28/0Open
T R 06:00PM-09:10PMLA300
 102122943English Composition 2 Online3Chaudhery S$30.006/30/0Open
 102122948English Composition 2 Online3Harris M$30.000/30/9Closed
 102122950English Composition 2 Online3Ditouras H$30.000/30/0Closed
 102122952English Composition 2 Online3Ditouras H$30.000/30/0Closed
 102122994English Composition 2 Online3Lindenberg A$30.0010/30/0Open
 102226264English Composition 2 3Hunley E 16/30/0Open
M W 06:00PM-09:10PMRC670

Spring; 2016; ENGLISH; No of Weeks : 15; Begins : 05/09/2016

 102027708English Composition 2 OE/OE3Hays S$30.0017/31/0Open

Summer; 2016; ENGLISH; No of Weeks : 7; Begins : 07/05/2016

 102131414English Composition 2 3Woods R 19/28/0Open
T R 01:00PM-04:10PMLA300
 102131415English Composition 2 3Ditouras H 4/28/0Open
M W 09:00AM-12:10PMLA310
 102131416English Composition 2 3Woods R 21/28/0Open
M W 01:00PM-04:10PMLA300
 102131461English Composition 2 3Sypniewski M 4/28/0Open
T R 06:00PM-09:10PMLA300
 102132943English Composition 2 Online3Rybicka E$30.000/30/0Closed
 102132952English Composition 2 Online3Ditouras H$30.000/30/0Closed
 102132993English Composition 2 Online3Rybicka E$30.000/30/0Closed
 102132994English Composition 2 Online3Ditouras H$30.0017/30/0Open

Winter; 2016; ENGLISH; No of Weeks : 5; Begins : 02/15/2016

 102112765English Composition 2 Online3Harris M$30.004/30/0Closed

Winter; 2016; ENGLISH; No of Weeks : 7; Begins : 01/11/2016

 102112437English Composition 2 Online3Hays S$30.007/30/0Closed

Winter; 2016; ENGLISH; No of Weeks : 7; Begins : 03/14/2016

 102112389English Composition 2 Online3Arnold J$30.0017/30/0Closed
 102112777English Composition 2 Online3Hays S$30.006/30/0Closed
 102112947English Composition 2 Online3Chaudhery S$30.0012/30/0Closed
 102118606English Composition 2 3Harris M$10.000/30/0Closed
T R 10:00AM-01:10PMLA340

Winter; 2016; ENGLISH; No of Weeks : 12; Begins : 02/01/2016

 102111419English Composition 2 3Harden A 2/30/0Open
M W 08:00AM-09:40AMLA400
 102111435English Composition 2 3Poswalk J 2/28/0Open
M W 08:00AM-09:40AMLA310
 102112387English Composition 2 Online3Lindenberg A$30.0010/30/0Closed
 102112469English Composition 2 Online3Harris M$30.003/30/0Closed
 102112767English Composition 2 Online3Lindenberg A$30.008/30/0Closed
 102118502English Composition 2 3Poswalk J 3/30/0Open
F 09:00AM-12:38PMLA410
 102118544English Composition 2 3Arnold J 23/30/0Open
T 11:00AM-02:38PMJC111
 102118545English Composition 2 3Arnold J 26/30/0Open
T 02:50PM-06:28PMJC111
 102118605English Composition 2 3Fundukian L$10.008/30/0Open
T R 08:00AM-09:40AMLA340

Winter; 2016; ENGLISH; No of Weeks : 15; Begins : 01/11/2016

 102017703English Composition 2 OE/OE3Hays S$30.001/31/0Open
 102017762English Composition 2 OE/OE3Hays S$30.004/31/0Open
 102111401English Composition 2 3Sosnoski S 3/30/0Open
M 08:00AM-10:54AMLA460
 102111404English Composition 2 3Harden A 1/28/0Open
T R 09:30AM-10:50AMLA300
 102111407English Composition 2 3Kallas J 0/30/0Closed
M W 12:30PM-01:50PMLA465
 102111408English Composition 2 3Rose K 14/30/0Open
R 08:00AM-10:54AMLA410
 102111409English Composition 2 3Simmons-Short I 8/30/0Open
M W 10:00AM-11:20AMLA400
 102111411English Composition 2 3Thomson A R 0/30/0Closed
T R 10:00AM-11:20AMLA400
 102111412English Composition 2 3Berg S 0/30/0Closed
T R 01:00PM-02:20PMLA465
 102111413English Composition 2 3Kallas J 1/30/0Open
T R 11:30AM-12:50PMLA465
 102111414English Composition 2 3Jannot Jr K 1/28/0Open
M W 10:00AM-11:20AMLA310
 102111416English Composition 2 3Thomson A R 1/30/0Open
T R 11:30AM-12:50PMLA400
 102111417English Composition 2 3Rybicka E 2/30/0Open
M W 11:30AM-12:50PMLA470
 102111418English Composition 2 3Chaudhery S 7/30/0Open
M W 01:00PM-02:20PMLA400
 102111420English Composition 2 3Munro J 4/30/0Open
M W 10:00AM-11:20AMLA470
 102111421English Composition 2 3Harden A 0/30/0Closed
R 12:30PM-03:24PMLA330
 102111422English Composition 2 3Thomson A R 3/30/0Open
T R 01:00PM-02:20PMLA460
 102111423English Composition 2 3Berg S 1/30/0Open
T R 02:30PM-03:50PMLA410
 102111424English Composition 2 3Sosnoski S 2/30/0Open
M W 11:00AM-12:20PMLA460
 102111427English Composition 2 3Woods R 4/30/0Open
M 01:00PM-03:54PMLA470
 102111430English Composition 2 3Simmons-Short I 6/28/0Open
M W 02:30PM-03:50PMLA310
 102111432English Composition 2 3Sypniewski M 0/28/0Closed
T R 03:00PM-04:20PMLA310
 102111433English Composition 2 3Shaw E 22/30/0Open
T R 09:30AM-10:50AMBTC100
 102111438English Composition 2 3Addi O 0/30/0Closed
M W 11:00AM-12:20PMLA465
 102111439English Composition 2 3Malesh V 4/30/0Open
M W 11:00AM-12:20PMPE105
 102111440English Composition 2 3Bell C 4/30/0Open
W 01:00PM-03:54PMLA460
 102111446English Composition 2 3Shaw E 15/30/0Open
T R 11:30AM-12:50PMLA460
 102111451English Composition 2 3Addi O 6/30/0Open
M 06:00PM-08:54PMLA470
 102111452English Composition 2 3Bell C 5/28/0Open
M 06:00PM-08:54PMLA310
 102111455English Composition 2 3Bell C 3/30/0Open
R 06:00PM-08:54PMLA470
 102111460English Composition 2 3Chaudhery S 12/28/0Open
M W 04:30PM-05:50PMLA300
 102111525English Composition 2 3Simmons-Short I 6/30/0Open
M W 08:30AM-09:50AMLA410
 102111526English Composition 2 3Thomson A R 6/30/0Open
F 09:00AM-11:54AMLA400
 102112943English Composition 2 Online3Schuett F$30.0011/30/0Closed
 102112948English Composition 2 Online3Chaudhery S$30.0013/30/0Closed
 102112958English Composition 2 Online3Rybicka E$30.001/30/0Closed
 102112963English Composition 2 Online3Rybicka E$30.000/30/0Closed
 102112975English Composition 2 Online3Schuett F$30.006/30/0Closed
 102112995English Composition 2 Online3Schuett F$30.007/30/0Closed
 102118610English Composition 2 3Ditouras H$10.003/30/0Open
F 10:00AM-12:54PMLA340
 102118615English Composition 2 3Simmons-Short I$10.009/30/0Open
M W 11:30AM-12:50PMLA340
 102118628English Composition 2 3Haslett C$10.005/30/0Open
M W 01:30PM-02:50PMLA340
 102216141English Composition 2 3Rose K 22/30/0Open
M 09:00AM-11:54AMRC660
 102216190English Composition 2 3Malesh V 0/30/0Closed
M 06:30PM-09:24PMRC385
 102216191English Composition 2 3Shaw E 30/30/0Open
W 06:00PM-08:54PMRC675
 102216192English Composition 2 3Simmons-Short I 15/30/0Open
W 06:00PM-08:54PMRC660
 102216279English Composition 2 3Simmons-Short I 25/30/0Open
M 06:30PM-09:24PMRC680

Note: This schedule updates once every 24 hours. Please reference WebAdvisor for current status.

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