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Frequently Asked Questions

How do online classes work?

Online classes are done in a virtual environment through a program called Blackboard. You can access the Blackboard program through the internet. This program allows the students access to all the course information including the syllabus, course requirements, instructor email, as well as, email addresses of other students registered for the class. The courses are structured courses that have deadlines for assignments, discussions, exams and quizzes, term papers, and reports. All this work is submitted through the online environment (Blackboard). Please refer to the software & hardware requirements for each class. Most classes do not meet during the course. There are a few classes that require campus visits for exams. Please refer to the special requirements for certain classes.

How do I get started in my online class?

You will have access to your class the first day of the semester. Login to your class and click on the Orientation button on the left-hand side and begin your course orientation.

If you have trouble logging in, try the helpful information or contact our help support line:

Blackboard Help Support
Telephone: (734) 462-4615
Email:, or

Do I need books for an online class?

Yes, all online classes require textbooks. You can purchase your textbooks at our Livonia campus bookstore or online. Be sure to have your schedule with course name, department and section number available.

What is Blackboard?

Blackboard is a course management system used for creating "virtual classrooms". The Blackboard software allows instructors to post course materials and interact with students through the Internet. Students and instructors access Blackboard using an Internet connected computer and a web browser. Schoolcraft College uses Blackboard to enhance traditional classroom courses and to offer a wide selection of courses entirely online.

Do I have to be online at a specific time of day or day of the week?

No, online classes are designed for your convenience. You can logon any time of the day or night to do your work. Your instructor may advise as to reasonable response times for checking and responding to email.

You will be given a course outline with due dates for assignments and assessments. You should have your work submitted by the due dates and take exams in the time frame posted. Some exams are timed and allow for a one-time entry.

How do I contact the instructor?

Check the Instructor Contact Information for a complete list by class of instructors and their email addresses and phone numbers.

Your instructor may advise you as to days when he/she will be responding to email or posting grades. Online instructors are not available 24/7. Please allow for reasonable response time for email and grades.

Are there any supplemental materials or specific software required for my class?

Check with your instructor for any special requirements needed for each class.

How is testing done in an online class?

Most online classes have online exams. These exams are posted by the instructor on a specific day and for a certain length of time. Some of these exams may be timed and allow you to enter the exam only once to ensure the integrity of the exam. Other exams may be more concept-oriented and have an unlimited amount of time to complete the exam. There are a select few classes that require on-site exams that are to be taken on-campus in the Testing Center. Please refer to the special requirements for these classes.

How do I submit my assignments in an online class?

Assignments and assessments are submitted online. Instructors will inform you as to the specifics they require on submission of assignments.

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