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MEDICAL ASSISTING; No of Weeks : 7; Begins : 05/05/2014

 110225602Phlebotomy 4Donahee-Rader MBalogh P$75.0015/24/0Open
T R 09:30AM-01:43PMRC245
 134225652Medical Insurance Coding 3Staff 22/31/0Open
M W 06:00PM-09:10PMRC480
 140225635Medical Office Procedures 3Hoffman D 18/31/0Open
T 09:00AM-11:54AMRC480
T 12:30PM-03:50PMRC480
 155225658Medical Insurance Billing 3Frazier R 10/24/0Open
M W 05:30PM-06:24PMRC425
M W 06:30PM-08:40PMRC410
 160227803Phlebotomy Internship Hybrid2Donahee-Rader M$35.0012/15/0Open
R 02:15PM-04:09PMRC245
R 04:15PM-06:04PMRC245
 195227801Office Practicum Hybrid3Donahee-Rader M$390.0010/24/0Open
M W 02:00PM-04:54PMRC245

MEDICAL ASSISTING; No of Weeks : 12; Begins : 09/16/2014

 195247810Office Practicum Hybrid3Donahee-Rader M$402.0021/24/0Open
T 12:30PM-03:24PMRC480

MEDICAL ASSISTING; No of Weeks : 15; Begins : 08/25/2014

 110245612Phlebotomy 4Donahee-Rader M$75.0020/24/0Open
R 09:00AM-12:54PMRC245
 110245636Phlebotomy 4Paris J$75.0019/24/0Open
M 10:00AM-01:54PMRC245
 110245654Phlebotomy 4Staff$75.0021/24/0Open
M 06:00PM-09:54PMRC245
 134245658Medical Insurance Coding 3Harder C 27/31/0Open
R 06:00PM-08:54PMRC420
 134247808Medical Insurance Coding Hybrid3Rubio P 27/31/0Open
M 03:00PM-05:54PMRC455
 140245613Medical Office Procedures 3Hoffman D 24/31/0Open
T 04:00PM-06:54PMRC480
 140245629Medical Office Procedures 3Hoffman D 27/31/0Open
R 09:30AM-12:24PMRC480
 140247809Medical Office Procedures Hybrid3Donahee-Rader M 26/31/0Open
T 09:00AM-11:54AMRC480
 155245652Medical Insurance Billing 3Frazier RDonahee-Rader M 21/24/0Open
M 06:00PM-06:54PMRC440
M 07:00PM-08:54PMRC410
 155245656Medical Insurance Billing 3Frazier RDonahee-Rader M 16/24/0Open
W 06:00PM-06:54PMRC440
W 07:00PM-08:54PMRC410
 160247815Phlebotomy Internship Hybrid2Donahee-Rader M$35.0014/15/0Open
R 01:30PM-03:24PMRC245
 174245651Medical Lab Techniques 4Binkowski C$40.0014/24/0Open
R 05:30PM-09:24PMRC245
 180245637Med Office Clinical Procedures 4Donahee-Rader M$226.009/24/0Open
W 09:00AM-11:54AMRC245
W 12:30PM-03:24PMRC245
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