Computer Information Systems

If you’re a problem solver by nature with a love of computers, our computer information systems (CIS) programs offer many options for different levels of interest and ability. Just starting out in computing? Enroll in our introductory certificate program for the basics in software applications and programming. Or, take the next step with an associate degree and beyond.

  • Computer information systems: The certificate program will introduce you to the operating system and concepts of programming logic. You’ll also obtain a basic knowledge of software applications and programming languages. Start here and select a CIS associate degree option later, or, go straight from Schoolcraft to an entry-level job.
  •  Already have a degree? The post-associate certificate is designed for working professionals who have experience in the computer field but want to study the newest technology and keep up with the ever-changing field. 
  • Programming: Our associate degree and skills certificate programs will prepare you for a position as an entry-level computer programmer. You’ll learn to analyze problems and write code to solve them. 
  • Computer support technician: Technicians assist users by recommending hardware and software, interpreting manuals, organizing storage, networking workstations and creating systems solutions using the computer. Networking technology integration: This program covers LANs, WANs, network architecture, processes, protocols and more. Upon completion you’ll be ready to continue your studies for the Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT) or CompTIA Network+ certification. 
  • Web specialist: This certificate will provide you with the combination of technical programming knowledge and graphic design skills essential for a career in the everevolving world of the web.

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  • Computer Information Systems

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