Welding Sculpture

The focus of both the welding industry and sculpture is fabrication. Because sculpture requires artists to use materials, tools, and skills, it is natural for artists and the welding industry to merge. This welding sculpture skills certificate helps the professional sculptor or the aspiring welder gain the knowledge and skills needed in today’s art world and welding industry.

Students learn basic and advanced skills in welding with the MIG and TIG welding processes as well as many fabrication techniques used in today’s industry. They learn how to think and work creatively with these processes and how to conceptually and objectively discuss their work. New fabrication processes are explored to give the student an understanding of how alternative methods of fabrication satisfy different needs.  This certificate creates an artistic option for entry into the welding fabrication certificate and the welding joining technology associate degree.

Students are required to purchase protective clothing, protective (safety) shoes and eye protection equipment. All courses are not offered each semester. Students should work with an academic advisor or counselor to develop a schedule that will work for them. Students who satisfactorily complete the program requirements qualify for a certificate of program completion. All program required courses must have been completed with a grade of 2.0 or better.

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