Nursing - NCLC Winter 2014
Status and Seats Available as of 4/18/2014 6:00:01 AM
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NURSING - NCLC; No of Weeks : 7; Begins : 01/06/2014

 102115712Nursing Informatics0/24/0ClosedMott M 1$20.00
W 04:00PM-06:07PMAS600
 124115700Medical Nursing2/32/0OpenCampbell TMott M 5$461.00
M 08:00AM-01:15PMBTC160
 124115701Medical Nursing6/32/0OpenMaheras N 5$461.00
M 08:00AM-01:15PMBTC170
 125115702Surgical Nursing2/32/0OpenBrendel H 5$461.00
W 12:00PM-05:15PMBTC160
 125115703Surgical Nursing3/32/0OpenLloyd E 5$461.00
M 08:00AM-01:15PMBTC255
 245115721Adv Medical Surgical Nurs2/32/0OpenPalmer N 5$404.00
W 10:00AM-03:46PMBTC255
 246115722Psychiatric Mental Health Nurs1/30/0OpenSmith L 4$404.00
M 12:00PM-04:46PMBTC370
 246115723Psychiatric Mental Health Nurs0/30/0ClosedSmith L 4$404.00
W 12:00PM-04:46PMBTC170
 248115720Maternal Child Nursing 20/33/0ClosedCronin BStegbauer K 5$404.00
W 10:00AM-03:15PMMC110

NURSING - NCLC; No of Weeks : 7; Begins : 03/10/2014

 102115713Nursing Informatics0/24/0ClosedMott M 1$20.00
F 09:00AM-11:07AMAS940
 124115704Medical Nursing3/32/0OpenCampbell T 5$461.00
M 08:00AM-01:15PMBTC160
 125115705Surgical Nursing11/32/0OpenLloyd E 5$461.00
M 08:00AM-01:15PMBTC255
 128115706Maternal Child Nursing 14/32/0OpenCronin BStegbauer K 5$461.00
W 10:00AM-03:15PMBTC160
 128115707Maternal Child Nursing 12/32/0OpenCronin BStegbauer K 5$461.00
W 10:00AM-03:15PMBTC255
 259115725Adv Concepts Registered Nurs2/32/0OpenPalmer N 5$370.00
W 12:00PM-04:15PMBTC170
 259115726Adv Concepts Registered Nurs0/32/0ClosedAustin H 5$370.00
W 12:00PM-04:15PMBTC370
 259115727Adv Concepts Registered Nurs1/32/0OpenBrendel H 5$370.00
W 12:00PM-04:15PMAS200
 259115728Adv Concepts Registered Nurs0/30/0ClosedSmith L 5$370.00
W 12:00PM-04:15PMAS374

NURSING - NCLC; No of Weeks : 12; Begins : 01/27/2014

 104115710Pharmacology2/32/0OpenAustin H 3 
R 09:00AM-12:38PMBTC160
 104115711Pharmacology4/32/0OpenAustin H 3 
R 01:30PM-05:08PMBTC255
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