Physical Education Winter 2014
Status and Seats Available as of 4/19/2014 10:00:00 PM
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 CourseSectionCourse TitleSeats Available ⁄Capacity ⁄WaitlistStatusInstructorsModeCredit HoursFeeDays-Time-Room

PHYSICAL EDUCATION; No of Weeks : 12; Begins : 01/27/2014

 114115911Pilates Matwork0/20/0ClosedZydeck S 2$25.00
T R 11:00AM-12:08PMPEGYM
 115115909Aerobic Dance Fitness1/20/0OpenMaguran T 2$35.00
M W 03:30PM-04:38PMPE140

PHYSICAL EDUCATION; No of Weeks : 15; Begins : 01/06/2014

 104115901Physical Fitness Conditioning2/24/0OpenWashka J 2$25.00
M W 09:00AM-09:54AMPE120
M W 09:00AM-09:54AMPEGYM
M W 09:00AM-09:54AMPEHBC1
M W 09:00AM-09:54AMPEHBC2
 104115915Physical Fitness Conditioning0/24/0ClosedLeib A 2$25.00
T 01:00PM-01:54PMPE120
R 01:00PM-01:54PMPE120
T R 01:00PM-01:54PMPEGYM
 106115902Beginning Swimming2/12/0OpenPapineau M 2$25.00
M W 03:00PM-03:54PMPEPOOL
 114115904Pilates Matwork5/20/0OpenZydeck S 2$25.00
T 09:00AM-09:54AMPE140
R 09:00AM-09:54AMPE140
 115115906Aerobic Dance Fitness2/20/0OpenZydeck S 2$35.00
T R 10:00AM-10:54AMPE140
 116115903Intermediate Swimming3/12/0OpenWashka J 2$25.00
M W 11:00AM-11:54AMPEPOOL
 121115941First Aid & Personal Safety2/24/0OpenPapineau M 2$25.00
T 01:00PM-02:54PMPE105
 121115952First Aid & Personal Safety8/24/0OpenFedewa D 2$25.00
W 07:00PM-08:54PMPE105
 141115910Basketball9/30/0OpenLeadley Jr R 2$25.00
M W 10:00AM-10:54AMPEGYM
 157115907Paddleball Racquetball14/18/0OpenLeib A 2$25.00
T R 09:00AM-09:54AMPEHBC1
T R 09:00AM-09:54AMPEHBC2
T R 09:00AM-09:54AMPEHBC3
T R 09:00AM-09:54AMPEHBC4
T R 09:00AM-09:54AMPEHBC5
T R 09:00AM-09:54AMPEHBC6
 194115922Weight Training0/22/0ClosedWashka J 2$25.00
T R 09:00AM-09:54AMPE120
T R 09:00AM-09:54AMPE105
 194115924Weight Training0/22/0ClosedWashka J 2$25.00
M W 10:00AM-10:54AMPE120
M W 10:00AM-10:54AMPE105
M W 10:00AM-10:54AMPEHBC1
M W 10:00AM-10:54AMPEHBC2
 194115931Weight Training0/22/0ClosedWashka J 2$25.00
M W 01:00PM-01:54PMPE120
M W 01:00PM-01:54PMPE105
M W 01:00PM-01:54PMPEHBC1
M W 01:00PM-01:54PMPEHBC2
 202115925Lifestyle Fitness & Wellness3/24/0OpenLeib A 2$25.00
T 10:00AM-10:54AMPE105
T 11:00AM-11:54AMPE120
 202115927Lifestyle Fitness & Wellness7/24/0OpenLeib A 2$25.00
T 12:00PM-12:54PMPE105
R 12:00PM-12:54PMPE120
 240115958Phy Ed for Elem Teachers4/24/0OpenFedewa D 3 
M 07:00PM-08:54PMPE100
M 09:00PM-09:54PMPE140
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