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Spring 15-week and 7-week Sessions
Start Monday, May 11, 2015

Summer 7-week Sessions  
Start Monday, July 6, 2015

Open Registration for all Spring and Summer Sessions Begins
Monday, March 30, 2015

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Take a seven-week course or two at Schoolcraft College while you are home for the summer and you can save you lots of time and money. We've got lots of subjects to choose from if you need to add a few more gen ed classes like math or English, or are looking to round out some of your humanities or electives with art or design, or need to get those science credits under your belt.

You can choose from traditional, on-campus classes or for even more flexibility online and Open Entry/Open Exit classes allow you to work around your schedule, and still give you time to get some relaxation in this summer. 

And we make the process easy. Just apply, register and transfer your credits back to your home institution. 

2015 High School Grads can benefit, too. 

Recent high school graduates who want to get a jump on their college education can take advantage of these seven-week courses, too. Taking one or two classes at Schoolcraft before heading off to university in the fall will save you some money, earn you some credits and get you geared up for an exciting year. 

Do the math.

With Schoolcraft's affordable tuition rate of $93 per credit hour for in-district residents ($135 for out-of-district) you can save some of your hard-earned cash and save yourself some time toward completing your degree. We are offering basic math, business math, pre-algebra, algebra, intermediate algebra, trig, statistics and precalc this summer along with a wide array of accounting and business courses. 

Read between the lines.

If you take a couple of classes this summer, you can save yourself lots of time. First, you may find you are able to complete your degree on-time or ahead of schedule by getting some extra credits under your belt. Second, maybe with credits earned during the seven-week session you can lower your course-load during the fall or winter semester at your home institution. What could you do with those extra hours? Work a part-time job and pocket some cash? Get more involved in student activities on campus?

It's not rocket science.

A summer course can be a great way to bolster your knowledge in a particular subject area or get you geared up and ready for the fall semester at your home institution. Schoolcraft College's state-of-the-art labs, excellent faculty and small class sizes can make the seven-week investment in a biology, anatomy and physiology, chemistry or other science class well worth it. 

Historically speaking...

Nearly every college degree requires a certain number of liberal arts courses that provide students with the opportunity to broaden their exposure to a wide range of topics. Schoolcraft College offers several interesting courses during the seven-week summer session that can help you meet your humanities or other liberal arts requirements such as art and music, world history, anthropology or American history, just to name a few.

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