Excel 1: An Introduction


Course Description

Microsoft Excel, an electronic spreadsheet program, is used to perform numeric calculations rapidly and accurately. Whether needed for work or personal business, you will learn the basic features of the MS Excel program by exploring the capabilities of the software in a hands-on, Windows environment. Learn to create professional spreadsheets, work with formulas and functions, use formatting techniques and create basic charts and graphs. Prerequisite: CES2 6231 Microsoft Office-An Introduction or equivalent knowledge, and familiarity with basic math functions.*

Course Schedule

 CourseSectionCourse TitleMeeting InformationMeeting DatesInstructorsFee/Senior Cost FeeCEUsStatus

Winter; 2015

 CES-1813910020Excel 101/20/15-02/24/15 LECTURE Tuesday 06:30PM - 09:10PM, Jeffress Center, Room 112, 6 Wks01/20/15-02/24/15M. Richardson$169/ SA$135.201.6Open
 CES-1813910019Excel 101/22/15-02/26/15 LECTURE Thursday 06:00PM - 08:40PM, Jeffress Center, Room 127, 6 Wks01/22/15-02/26/15J. Spence$169/ SA$135.201.6Open

** book required
* book and usb required

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