Vegetarian Comfort Foods: Hands-on


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With the cooler weather on the horizon venture into a whole new world of delicious vegetarian comfort foods that can both warm you up and provide that "zing" you sometimes need to keep from settling into hibernation in the cooler months. Whether you are vegetarian, or just seeking some great tasting meat-free comfort food alternatives that go beyond macaroni and cheese, enter the rich world of vege-comfort. Wear a white chef's jacket, dark pants and comfortable shoes. Bring a tool kit with the following: a paring knife, chef and bread knife; peeler; spatula; dough cutter; pastry brush; thermometer; and measuring spoons. Prerequisite: CES 2187 Cooking 101: Skill Development or with instructor's approval.

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Fall; 2014

 CES-2516941013Veg Comfort Hands-on11/20/14-11/21/14 LECTURE Thursday, Friday 06:00PM - 09:00PM, Vistatech Center, Room 620, 1 week11/20/14-11/21/14J. Gabriel, CMC$129/ SA$103.20.6Open

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