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928510May 3, 2014
928507May 5, 2014
928508May 6, 2014
928509May 8, 2014

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Register in child's name. Skills to be learned: tread water for one minute; twenty relaxed bobs; do tight, hand-over hand streamline on front and back, no kicking; retrieve a ring from 4 1/2 feet unassisted; one half lap (25 yards) freestyle and backstroke with proper flutter kick and arm rotation, and for the freestyle alternate breathing; one half lap (25 yards) breaststroke with proper kick and arm movement, breathing every stroke with correct timing; jump into the deep end off the side or the diving board, swim back to the ladder and climb out; perform standing dive into the deep end off the side or the diving board. Bring goggles to class. For the instructor to recommend a student move to the next level, these skills must be demonstrated. Prerequisite: Youth Swim Beginner: Ages 5+.

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* book and usb required
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