Financial Management


Course Description

Become familiar with the basics of financial management. Topics covered include: how to apply the information from key financial statements to help you manage your business; accounting language, including debits and credits; preparation of the balance sheet and profit and loss statement; cash flow analysis; and break even with specific small business examples. Recommendation: CES2 1542 Starting a Business prior to this class. For more information or questions about course content please call the MI-SBDC at 734-462-4438.

Course Schedule

 CourseSectionCourse TitleMeeting InformationMeeting DatesInstructorsFee/Senior Cost FeeCEUsStatus

Winter; 2015

 CES2-1546910739Finance Mgmt02/12/15 LECTURE Thursday 04:00PM - 07:00PM, Jeffress Center, Room 110, 1 week02/12/15Staff$45/ SA$36.3Open
 CES2-1546910740Finance Mgmt04/01/15 LECTURE Wednesday 02:00PM - 05:00PM, Radcliff Center, Room 310, 1 week04/01/15Staff$45/ SA$36.3Open

** book required
* book and usb required

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