Schoolcraft College Culinary Arts Receives Highest Accreditation

Published Aug 09, 2013
Schoolcraft College officials received word this week that its award winning culinary arts program received the highest possible rating from the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation. The Foundation’s Accrediting Commission sent a site team to Schoolcraft College for several days this past spring. Upon completion of its review, the site team rated the school’s program “Exemplary.” The rating means Schoolcraft’s Culinary Department is accredited through June 30, 2020. Seven years is the maximum amount of time awarded, and only the country’s top culinary schools receive such status.

The site team found Schoolcraft College to be in full compliance with ACFEF standards and had “substantially met the required nine standards areas: Eligibility, Program Mission and Goals, Organization and Administration, Faculty and Staff, Curriculum, Facilities, Student Services, Assessment and Environmental Sustainability."

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