Exploring New Horizons Via Student Groups and Clubs

Published Sep 27, 2013

This year’s annual School Daze event was a huge success in more ways than one. School Daze is always a great way for students to start off the new school year, make new friends and have some fun. This year was no exception, of course. 

Participants also learned about the many resources on and around campus of which they can take advantage. 

And the 33 student-run groups and clubs were able to recruit nearly 1,000 new students.

School Daze also prompts many students and graduates to reflect on the important and unique impact that their participation in student groups and clubs have on their time spent as a Schoolcraft College student. 

Visit the School Daze highlights page to hear some of those students and graduates share their stories and enjoy some of the images collected during the fun- and information-filled two day celebration. 

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