Registration Now Underway for Spring and Summer Motorcycle Classes

Published Feb 04, 2014
     Once again the Continuing Education and Professional Development department of Schoolcraft College will offer motorcycle safety classes via the Detroit Regional Safety Consortium.  The motorcycle safety program offers a variety of courses from the Basic Rider Course which is for someone who has minimal experience and is looking to get their motorcycle endorsement to our Experienced Rider Course which is for licensed cyclists and is specifically designed for large touring motorcycles and sport bikes. Each course is only $25, made possible through a grant administered by the Michigan Department of State. Classes are offered from March through September.
     Upon successful completion of a State-approved Motorcycle Safety Foundation course, the Secretary of State will waive the riding skills test required for a cycle endorsement. However, a short written test required for license endorsement will be given at the Secretary of State at the time of endorsement application. In addition to the short written test, given at the Secretary of State, a more extensive test will be given as part of the Motorcycle course. For more information on the Motorcycle Safety Program call 734-462-4448 or visit

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