Schoolcraft College EMU Deal Helps Criminal Justice Students Graduate Faster

Published Jun 16, 2014
     Schoolcraft College students interested in a bachelor’s degree in criminology will have an easier process transferring to Eastern Michigan University as a result of a new articulation agreement that was signed by the two schools this week.  EMU’s bachelor of science in criminology and criminal justice requires a total of 124 credits. The new agreement will allow up to 86 credits from Schoolcraft to transfer to EMU. The multidisciplinary program offers four areas of concentration: legal studies, law enforcement, corrections and criminal justice administration.
     Articulation agreements are a joint partnership between Schoolcraft College academic programs and an academic program at another college or university. Agreements make it easier for a student to successfully transfer from one school to another, saving time and money and transfer credits. The criminology degree can lead to a variety of careers in the criminal justice system and corporate/private security. Careers include police officer, criminologist, forensic psychologist, private investigator, security specialist and correction officer. The program is recognized by the Michigan Law Enforcement Officers Training Council and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
     Schoolcraft and EMU have 15 other articulation agreements, including applied technology, industrial distribution, aviation management, communication technology, health administration, hotel and restaurant management, nursing completion, public safety, social work and technology management.

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