Cancellations and Closings

Class Cancellations

As of 10/22/2014 at 15:07:14

Canceled Classes for Wednesday, 10/22/14

titlecoursesectiondaysstart Timeend Timebuildingroominstructornote
Basic BiologyBIOL 050145300MW08:00AM09:54AMF130Gray, StaceyNONE
Prin Hum Anat Phys 1BIOL 237145334W11:00AM12:54PMBTC135Gray, StaceyNONE
Prin Hum Anat Phy 1BIOL 237145439W02:00PM04:54PMBTC145Gray, StaceyNONE
Student SuccessCAB 101140159W06:00PM08:54PMMC035Masters, RyanSee email from instructor. Work on your projects.
Bldg Writing SkillsENG 055246218W01:00PM03:54PMRC675Woods, RobertNONE
English Composition 1ENG 101141314MW11:30AM12:50PMLA300Graham, JeanneNONE
English Composition 1ENG 101141328MW01:30PM02:50PMLA400Graham, JeanneNONE
English Composition 1ENG 101141396MW08:00AM09:20AMLA465Graham, JeanneNONE
Inter Algebra/College StudentsMATH 113143072MW08:00PM09:54PMBTC350Kohlert, PeterNONE
Inter Algebra College StudentsMATH 113143169MW06:00PM07:54PMBTC350Kohlert, PeterNONE

Canceled Classes for Monday, 10/27/14

titlecoursesectiondaysstart Timeend Timebuildingroominstructornote
Intro AstronomyPHYS 104145104MW03:00PM05:26PMF460Alway, PeterNONE
Intro AstronomyPHYS 104145151MW07:00PM09:26PMF460Alway, PeterNONE

Canceled Classes for Thursday, 11/06/14

titlecoursesectiondaysstart Timeend Timebuildingroominstructornote
AdvertisingBUS 122142659R06:00PM08:52PMAS830Derderian, HarryPlease complete assignment discussed in class.

Canceled Classes for Thursday, 11/13/14

titlecoursesectiondaysstart Timeend Timebuildingroominstructornote
SolidWorks-Level 1CAD 221144221TR03:30PM05:24PMAS320Ferman, CatherineNONE

Campus with Snow

Weather conditions can vary widely, even over a small geographic area. Students must exercise their own judgment concerning safety, whether the College is open or closed.

Please note that Schoolcraft College may be open even if the local school districts are closed.

Weather related school closing information can be found at the following links:

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