University Bound

The University Bound Program is a partnership between Schoolcraft College and Wayne State University whose primary goal is to help students successfully complete their Schoolcraft coursework and transfer to Wayne State or any other university with the intent of completing a bachelor's degree. Services are designed to enhance students' skills and provide academic and personal support so that they can make a smooth transition to a university setting.Professional mentoring

Our Services

  • Provide academic insights, learning strategies and resources for successful completion of university prerequisites
  • Help students identify and utilize Schoolcraft and university support services in an efficient manner
  • Provide leadership opportunities that facilitate communication and critical thinking skills
  • Provide opportunities to earn Participation Awards that result in more comprehensive program involvement and financial assistance
  • Assist students with completion of university paperwork
  • Integrated and intense support through our Freshman Focus program

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be transferring to Wayne State to participate in the program?
No, you do not. Services will be provided to students transferring to any university to work towards a bachelor's degree.

Is there a fee for the program?
No, there are no additional fees for participating in the program.

Can I attend an academic seminar even if I am not enrolled in the program?
Yes, any Schoolcraft student can attend a seminar.

Do I have to be transferring soon to join University Bound?
No, a student can join the program at any point in their program. Some students join during their first or second semesters. Others join later.

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University Bound
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